Staten Island News

Just would like to share with everyone on Staten Island. Letter was received by one of the my client.


I have a good news to report about Army Corps of Engineers seawall; the project has received final approval to advance to the design phase. What does that mean? Read on.

The project is broken up into three separate phases: feasibility ,design and construction. During the feasibility phase, the Army Corps determine whether construction is possible ,estimates costs and benefits and completes preliminary engineering work. During the design phase, engineers and architects create detailed blueprints and construction plans. During the construction phase, the Army Corps and contractors build the seawall.

Last month, the Assistant Secretary of the Army approved the “ final feasibility report”, which ends the feasibility phase and releases funds to begin the design phase. This is a major step forward. My team and I have been in near-constant contact with the Army Corps urging them to move forward as quickly as they can, together with my colleagues Sen. Schumer, Borough President Oddo, and Council Member Matteo. The Corps has been a great partner so far and has kept to an aggressive schedule.

What happens next? The Army Corps will begin intensive design work early this year. The seawall is a massive, miles- long project -design is complicated and will take time, and the most important consideration is to do this project the right way.  The Army Corps still expects construction to begin in early 2019, and I will continue to monitor their progress.

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact my office as (718) 351-1062 with any questions, concerns, or comments. It’s a true privilege and honor to serve you in Congress.



Daniel M.Donovan, Jr.

Member of Congress

11th District of New York