My Flood Determination Vendor

It is very important to have qualify vendors at your hand to be ready to help you resolve the issue ASAP

Staten Island one of the borough with many flood zone areas. The Buyer or Seller have to determine what they need to do with insurance companies. Does this property need insurance? You are located in grey area. Here is the vendor for Flood Determination that can help you to make this decision . here is the message from this vendor.

Our company, WTG, is the premier provider of flood zone determinations nationally. We provide educational presentations for real estate offices on the error and confusion that is rampant around this topic.  We help Realtors understand their options when dealing with these issues, and we provide a report that is 100% accurate backed by $2 million of E&O insurance per report. Each year we help thousands of homeowners get removed from flood zones or lower their premiums significantly – always because they have been incorrectly determined – caused by incorrect information. Our company not only delivers the only report of its kind, we also become your advocate to dispute conflicting reports from banks and insurance companies.